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I write to spill the emotions of my heart and free my mind of it's thoughts. --A.N.U

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Writer’s Prompt “10 Things you know for certain”

There are 10 things this struggle has solidified for me

  1. God has been the driving force in my life. The extinguisher, keeping the flames from causing burns to deep to heal.Raining down blessings when the fire began to consume me tormenting the very being of my life,. Once I lay the ambers at his feet, turning my anger and worry into determination, devotion ringing true of a Job spirit. Selah. He is making it possible to muster the strength to push my shoulders back, to show ivories through ebony, running into the crackling infernos creating a peaceful state. He is the head, I am the torso and the legs making the body work.Scientific evolution theories being dusted knowing it is God’s breath that is the reason. Belief in the poetic literature coined scripture through testimony, providing the blue print for unshaken faith. Selah.
  2. The pieces of me are made with just 3. Held in my womb to bring me whole-giving my life a purpose/Mending the voids and open wounds to produce a woman able to feel true love if only from little hearts unbruised by life/A pure love that withstands hard times and never fades with seasons
  3. Yes, Actions speak louder than words deciphering the action from mere jesters lacking  the meaning attached. Informal, relaxed encounters with pleasure senses opened doesn’t equal love. Take it at safe value. Wisdom the Psalmist stated simply and truthfully: It’s. Just. Pussy. 3 million women in the world yours may be more// fill in the blank but 3 million women—let that resonate. Friendships are an illusion of affection, easily moved to the next person making relationships a precious commodity, a sense of loyalty provided by giving self.
  4.  Peace can be still. Settling in like the midnight air, blowing in the wind fighting to kiss your skin looking to penetrate you but if your calmness fails to bring to the tranquil being you’ll miss your place. Rest in the manifestation of who you are learn who are so you can grow into who are meant to be.
  5. Life is too long. Yes, too long to hold a grudge. Living 30, 40, 50 years holding onto anger providing free rent and board to a person who can’t remember your name.  Forgive fast move on faster. Never forget the lesson-school always in session.  Learn to hold on to materials loosely, for what is given can quickly be taken. Hold onto self-tighter.
  6. Love you. No matter where you are in life, no matter what you’ve done who you’ve hurt. Learn to love you. Forgive yourself for your past and work on a better future. The fact that you can still wake up means it’s not too late.
  7. Living life is fear is too much like living among the death and I chose to live.
  8. Make a metamorphosis daily. Change is never a bad thing. Change leads to better things,   embrace your change.
  9. Experience love at least once in your life.
  10. Being only 32 this list is subject to change without notice. 

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the wrap

Let me wrap my heart around you

Absorbing your pain while depleting their negativity

Releasing your ambition to produce a foundation blessed to construct an empire

Witnessing your rise to the expectation of King

Let me wrap your disappointments in the right ventricle of my heart

Circulating for the cleansing to pump a spirit of survival through you

Know your value

Understand your emotional bank has been overdrawn

Enduring oppression has your reserved accounts depreciating statements reflecting death as the penalty.

Know your excellence

That emotional bankruptcy allow me to reorganize

I’m your fixer

Let my lip’s kiss be the beginning of forgetting

Eliminating the yesterday

Show you what loyalty feels like

Let me wrap you in my heart never my thighs

This love is more than sexual.

Here to ask permission-

Let me love you

 ©2014 A.N.U All rights reserved

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