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A police officer in Georgia admits to kicking an African-American woman in the stomach while she was 9 months pregnant. No charges were filed against the officer.

Raven Dozier was 9 months pregnant when Dekalb County police officer Jared Wheeler kicked her in the stomach with his boots. She was forced to get a c-section. Thankfully, the baby survived. In an “internal investigation” Dekalb County police found that officer Wheeler did nothing wrong and followed police procedure.

And he’s completely unapologetic about it as well and no justice was served. People need to realize that police brutality is literally a daily reality for black people and that it affects black women as well.

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Anonymous asked: What is new black? What is old black?


According to rich anti-Black findings of your favorite colorblind musician & his large ass hat Pharrell:

New Black (noun): Black people who don’t believe racism exists.  These individuals tend to be colorblind & don’t blame other races for the plight of Black people & accept general forms of internalized White supremacy. These individuals can be usually be found somewhere not holding white supremacy responsible for their problems & throwing the rest of the Black community under a bus.

Examples of “new Black”:

  • "I’m not African American, I’m American."
  • "If we want the cops to stop killing us we need to address Black on Black crime."
  • "Black people are like crabs in a barrel pulling each other down."
  • "Black people can be racist too."
  • "Black kids don’t want to learn."

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House n*gga, House negro, Don Lemon, Uncle Tom, Zoe Saldana, Pharrell Williams, Raven Symone, Morgan Freeman, Keke Palmer


Old Black, Field n*gga, Revolutionary, Too Black, A Black person with some damn sense, Generally all Black people who have no money & get shot at everyday, Black people who aren’t sipping on White supremacist kool aid, Black people who shade white people for their racist ass shit

Origins: Pharrell said this ignorant ass ahistorical ass apolitical ass shit in an interview with Oprah.

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The Christian Movement for Life, aka, MOVE

  • a pro-green, vegan, anti-technology group
  • living in a house in West Philadelphia
  • BOMBED by the Philly PD, from the air, on May 13, 1985
  • YES, 1985!!!
  • the city killed 11 people (5 children), burned down 65 homes in a Black, middle-class, West Philly neighborhood, and caused $50,000,000.00 damage - all to “evict” the group and recover two shotguns
  • You know of Mumia Abu-Jamal (3rd photo from bottom) but did you know he was affiliated with MOVE?
  • Ramona Africa (2nd photo from bottom) and one child survived
  • MOVE leader John Africa was murdered that day

This was not the ONLY time an American city was bombed, btw. The first time, it was ALSO whites bombing Black people (Tulsa, Oklahoma, 1921).

And you want to talk about TERRORISM??? 

And what else don’t you know about your country and it’s treatment of Black people?

Get to Googling… AND Youtubing…

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